Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Fest 2009 At Trinity

What a fun day we had! All day was about everything pertaining to Thanksgiving. This is how the day started out. Everyone was put into groups with kids ranging in age from 5 - 14. This little girl in the picture with Grace is actually a buddy from church and they hung out for the day together in the same group. You will see her in alot of the pictures. Alot of the centers we visited was food related to prepare for the Thanksgiving lunch we all had (about 120 people).
This first picture is of my group peeling sweet potatoes for the sweet potato souffle we had for lunch. The potatoes were very hot.

Here is Grace and her friend again. At this center the kids made butter for the meal and ice cream for after the meal.
This is Grace's group with the next stage of the sweet potato souffle.

The kids also made applesauce to go with the feast. They peeled, cored and cut up the slices.
This center was out in the gym. String and sticks were attached to the plastic to make bird feeders.
Turkeys were made for decorations.

In the afternoon there was archery and a kickball game.

Mr. Dan gave us a 45 minutes presentation about the Pilgrims.

We also saw a presentation about the Cherokee Indians.
All in all it was a great day. Grace is exhausted. Last night she spent the night at a friends then they both had to get up this morning around 6 to get ready for this day of fun. I was a group leader all day. We were both happy to get home and relax a little bit. Grace is now downstairs watching an American Girl movie and I of course an working on my blog. No school this week! Yeah! Time for relaxation and rejuvination.

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