Sunday, November 1, 2009


Tomorrow night is our group's Geography Festival. We needed to do our state study this year so we decided to just combine the two. Each family is responsible for bringing a dish that represents their geographical location of study. Georgia is famous for peaches and peanuts, that just didn't seem fun enough to us. So me and Grace decided to make a cookie cake in the shape of Georgia. Here she is cutting out the pattern.
Next step we made frosting.

Then we colored the frosting.

We used yellow frosting with a star tip for the border and another tip for the rivers. Good thing she is taking cake decorating, she knew what to do. They then chose pieces of candy to represent major cities and stone mountain. Also at the top of the state we have mountains so they built up with extra cookie in that location.

And here is the finished product. Our first cookie cake. I will post more pictures tomorrow after the festival.

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The Correspondent said...

This is so creative, Diane! I love the way you used icing to represent rivers and M&Ms to represent major cities. I'll have to share this idea with my girls.