Sunday, November 15, 2009

Busy, Fun Weekend

Friday - Scott started his first art show and spent all afternoon there. Grace loved being there also. She drew most of the afternoon. I ran many errands after visiting them at the art show. By the end of the day everyone was pretty exhausted.

Saturday- Grace left early with Scott to go to McDonalds for breakfast, to a yard sale, and then back to the art venue. I visited late in the morning and then went and got Blimpies for use for lunch. My mom and sister visited us and took Grace back with them to let her play with my nephew. They ended up outside the remainder for the day playing and jumping on the trampoline. My sister invited us over for dinner and we had a great dinner of steak, potato, salad, and bread. The next morning I weighed myself and I had a gained a pound. No kidding! We stayed over at my sisters for a while then headed back home. Again we were all exhausted.

Sunday - Church first thing in the morning. Watched a video by Voddie Bauchum(sp?) in Sunday School and enjoyed it very much. Scott had to leave right after church to get back to the art show, we stayed at church for our Thanksgiving dinner that the church does each year. Lots of great food. Did I mention I gained a pound back yesterday, lol. Grace brought two friends back home with us for the afternoon. Then back to church to practice for the upcoming Christmas production. Such a busy weekend, but it was fun.

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