Friday, November 20, 2009

Cooking Class and Stage Design

Today we went to a cooking class at our library. "Cooking with Rachel", of course not the real Rachel. But her name is Rachel and she is the head chef at Unicoi Lodge in Helen, GA. This class centered around easy entertaining ideas. There was butternut squash soup, chocolate covered pretzels, truffles, pumpkin rolls, and veggie trays. Grace really liked the chocolate covered pretzels. I being on my diet have been very good and only had a glass of eggnog. Did I mention I have no lost 12 pounds. Yeah Me!!!!
After leaving the library we headed to our church which also houses Trinity. We had set work to do. I painted the pink candy boat and we got half of the curtain hung. Still lots of work to do.
The most exciting thing happened when we got back home. The Artful Parent has started an art pen pal program. I think over 200 kids signed up for it. Grace got her email tonight of who her art pen pal is and she lives in South America. Yeah!!


Alex said...

thanks for stopping by my blog!
We have been enjoying learning how to draw together. My oldest dd enjoys drawing on her own too, right now she likes doing Manga-style people and animals. Her passion is cooking though, she would have loved attending that cooking class!
I am going to look up Artful Parent online , the art pen pal idea sounds great!
Take care, and congrats on the weight loss!Alex.

Debi said...


Thanks for your comment. Glad to know someone's stopping by -
Wow - your cabin is beautiful! We live in the "burbs" and just visit the "woods" on occasion.

Appreciate your idea. It's good to hear.
Bless you,
Debi -