Monday, November 16, 2009

Beautiful Fall Day

Its Monday and back to the daily grind. Here are a few things we accomplished for school. In Bible we just read about the death of Christ, in science we are still learning and reading about insects. For math today we did something a little different, viewed a animated video about similar and congruent figures and did a couple of worksheets. We finished industrail revolution with the book The Bobbin Girl. Grace wrote some info in her history journal about what it was like to work in a mill. We also did some work in spelling, art, typing, and our proverbs study. After lunch Grace asked her dad to help her rake some of the many leaves we have and let her jump. This is one of her favorite pastimes. She is now waiting for a friend that lives down the road to get off the school bus and join in. Tonight we are meeting my son for dinner at Zaxbys and then off to the grocery story and maybe the library if we have time.


Leslie said...

Fun pictures playing in the leaves! Wish you could join our group too! Let me know if you move up to NC! :-)


Bronwyn said...

Great pictures. We need to get out to play in the leaves too.