Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Weekend

Both Saturday and Sunday have been beautiful days with wonderful weather. Yesterday we drove out to the big library that is about 50 minutes away. I needed some books for my co-op on Monday for Botticelli. Unfortunately between two different libraries I couldn't find just one book so I had to get a few books that had small amounts of info in each. Grace checked out about 8 drawing books and immediately came home and started drawing. She is so passionate about drawing and really always has been. I will try to take some photos of her recent drawings and post them (if she will let me) they are very personal to her and hard to share. I also checked out some dvds about fractions, we will be starting with fractions in about one week. We also lucked upon a dvd about Da Vinci and Eli Whitney to watch in the next couple of weeks. Today after church we headed out to Toccoa Falls to have some professional pictures taken with my sister's family. The Falls were beautiful. It has been about three years since we were out here last. Toccoa Falls is located on the campus of Toccoa Falls Christian College. In the 1970's the dam that is located a little above the falls broke and flooded the area as well as killed some people on the campus and in town. By God's protection the school was actually not in session and many students were home with their families.We took this picture while waiting for our turn with the photographer.
This one too. Can you tell that Grace loves her brother.

This is Grace and my nephew trying to catch falling leaves while waiting for their turn with the photographer.
And here of course is the Falls. Quite spectacular!

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Wendy said...

Well done on your weight loss! I have also lost about 6kg over the last couple of months and I feel much better for it! Looks like you keeping busy and having lots of fun!