Monday, November 9, 2009

Art Co-op - Botticelli

Two Monday a week are our Art/Composer co-op classes. Today we learned about Botticelli. We concentrated mostly on the paintings he did in the round. That is what we decided to create today also, and of course eat popcorn.

Grace decided to do a fish in a bowl.


Sheila (Meacher) said...

Love the art lesson there never heard of that artist. Hmmm....
I really want to say thank you for visiting our blog and for commenting it means alot your wisdom in your comments that come through and your kindness and caring.


Leslie said...

Love hearing about your co-op. I've never done an art one and it intrigues me. It's not a strong area of mine, but my children do enjoy it. Thanks for sharing about what you are doing. Are y'all following any type of curriculum or just putting it together yourselves?


Diane said...

For the artists I pick them myself and find some activity to go along with it as well as a short bio. We also look at paintings, drawings, etc. by that artist. For the composers I do have a book I picked up from last years convention that has many composers with activities to do for each as well as a cd with short samples of each composers music. Thanks for visiting and commenting.