Friday, November 13, 2009

First Art Show

Today is my husband's first art show. It will be very low key but a three day event. Artists in our area come out and show their pieces as well as demonstrate what they do. Scott has always been talented and can do many things and for many years he has said that he really wants to start focusing on his art. So after 20 years he is actually doing something about it. He works mostly right now in wood, copper, and rock with pen and ink. He was also juried this week and has gotten his work into a local gallery. So proud of him. We hope in the next few weeks to giveaway one of his pieces through this blog.

This piece is an old guitar neck with artwork all over it.

This is a personal custom made communion set.


Lisa said...

Wow! His pieces are amazing! Good luck with the rest of the show.

I see you're from Georgia. I am from Ohio and we pretty sure that we will be moving to the Atlanta area in the summer. My husband's company (NCR) is moving there. Now if we can find a cabin in the woods like yours, I will be thrilled!

Have a great weekend.

Ritsumei said...

Congrats! Art in a gallery is a BIG deal!

Leslie said...

Wow! He is very talented! Congrats on being in a gallery! I hope he continues to do well.


Julie said...

Your husband does awesome work! I wish him the best of luck pursuing his passion.

Sheila said...

Wow that is really beautiful work congratulations!! A Gallery amazing... that is wonderful.