Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and an Update on Mom

As some of you know my mom has had recurrent thyroid cancer for 8 years. She has had many surgeries, radio iodine treaments, and radiation treatments. Nothing has really worked, it always comes back. We came back from her oncologist yesterday at Emory and in two weeks she will be put on a clinical trail. This trail will go on for 6 months with chemo infusion once a week and pills every day for four weeks then a two week rest. There are many side effects that we will have to watch for and deal with. Please pray for my mom. This has been such a long battle for her. Pray that the side effects will be bearable and that the medication will do its job. I am thankful that I still have both of my parents and am a little selfish and want her to be here longer. Thank you in advance for any prayers you can send our way.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!!!! Have a Blessed Day!!!!

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JAS said...

My prayers go out to you and your family and especially to your mom. I know how hard that can be, but I hope you're able to have a wonderful holiday.