Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pretty Normal Day

Its raining again. Probably going to rain tomorrow too. But we had some beautiful days prior to this rain. Anywho, enough with the weather. Today was a pretty normal day. Trinity this morning for choir, handicrafts, and drama. This afternoon consisted of Bible, math, spelling, video about Eli Whitney, Proverbs Bible study, and literature. All in all a pretty normal day hence the title. I was supposed to go to a board meeting tonight but that has been cancelled which is good because instead we need to go pack boxes for our church's food pantry. We will be handing the boxes out tomorrow. Here is a couple of things that have been rambling in this brain of mine: I received an email from The Old Schoolhouse about the upcoming Midwest Homeschool Conference in Cinncinati and I am really thinking about going. My MIL lives about two hours from there, so we are thinking about going to Kentucky first to visit family then on to the conference. It looks really good - Tim Hawkins will be there and we love him. Also coming up much sooner is a Thanksgiving Day Feast and Activities that Trinity is doing. We are really looking forward to it - many activities planned. Weaving, archery, presentations, making butter, traditional Thanksgiving dishes, and it goes on and on - an all day event. I will be sure to post many pictures, etc. from the event. Time to go fix dinner got to get off of hereand do that mom thing.

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