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TOS Review - - Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story Review
Our family loves watching movies. This bleeds over into our children's education and curriculum as well. My older children were always very visual learners and I am finding that the students I tutor are as well. Anytime we can use a visual aid like DVDs to enhance a subject we do it. Through the TOS Review Crew we were blessed with the opportunity to review Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story from Review is a company dedicated to making available family friendly and faith based videos. They are also able to do this at an economical price. has thousands of titles in their catalog of DVDs that are not only offered at low prices but also with free shipping when you spend $35.00 or more. All of that means great products for awesome prices. I even noticed that one of my favorites television shows - When Calls the Heart - will be released this month and FishFlix will be carrying it at a very reasonable price. Not only do they carry Faith based movies and television series, but also DVDs about Christian living, teaching, and more. I was very impressed with their About Us page and the two Bible verses that guide their business philosophy. In this day and age it is really hard to find companies that live their faith in the business world and offer a ray of sunshine in all the murkiness that movies and television can bring into a family's home.
The video we were given to review, Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story is recommended for ages 8 - 12. I have two tutoring students (age 11) that watched the movie with me twice. I was very familiar with the Torchlighters Series highlighting the lives of heroes from Christian history. The girls were not familiar with John Wesley, so this was a great opportunity to introduce them to the man who founded the Methodist movement. The video was right on their level of understanding and enjoyable to boot.
Included on the disc is the capability to watch in English or Spanish as well as subtitles. The animated video runs about 30 minutes, but also has available a documentary about John Wesley. The leader's guide and student handouts in PDF format are great for digging deeper into the life of John Wesley. Some of the student handouts were: verse memorization charts, digging deeper into the story, creating a coat of arms, a service project, and more. The Leader's Guide includes a teaching plan scheduled out in four separate sessions, a letter to parents, and a section of supplementary materials dealing with life in the time frame of John Wesley's life, people he came in contact with, and a timeline of John Wesley's life.
Other Crew Members also reviewed: Exploring Ephesus, Privileged Species, Unbroken Legacy of Faith Edition, Flight, and Metamorphosis - all from We received ours as a physical DVD with the guides and handouts as PDFs.
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