Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Every Night = Family Fun Night

Five out of seven nights a week we follow pretty much the same routine. At least when other aspects in our life aren't in session, like; Cooperative, school, sports, etc. Each night you will probably find us eating together, taking a walk after dinner for exercise, then sitting down to play a game. Also any of my close friends know that I am a Nertz fanatic. Although we play with regular cards and some of the rules might be a tad different.

Our current second game of choice would be Scattergories. This is the one Grace loves the most.
Yesterday when we went to the Mall of Georgia and of course me and Scott spent about 2 hours in Barnes and Nobles we decided it was time to add another game to the arsenal. We chose another version of Scattergories called Scattergories Catergories. It was a no brainer with as much time we were spending playing games that it was time to buy a new one. There were so many to choose from that we made a decision to start buying a new game each pay period. Looking forward to cracking this one open tonight.
I enjoy sitting down to play games so much each night. It is my favorite time of the day. No worries or anxiety to creep in and time well spent with my family.

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A Candle to Read By said...

Amen to that! I love table games more than most people, I think. Beats the tv and computer all to pieces! Have you tried the new "Timeline" games? They are also good for homeschooling. I will get Virginia to bring one of them to Grace's BD party so you can see how it works. James Martin likes the pop culture edition. They are inexpensive and lots of fun.