Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Last Days of School Fun - Nature Study

I am ashamed to admit that during that cooler months very little Nature Study goes on. I really need to get in the habit of doing it much more through the entire year. Last week we finished our math and science book which also opened up much more room to go outside and study nature.

Luckily I've got like the best neighbor with the most amazing area to do nature study. I picked a topic of fern, which I knew he had plenty of and we went with it. Of course a lot of the time they were also fascinated with the creek that runs throughout the property.

Goldfish and Koi ponds abound!

Here the girls were observing a cinnamon fern.

Trying to pet the fish.

Back behind the creek in a mucho moist environment is tons of New Yorker ferns. There is a path/trail that goes throughout all of it. Quite beautiful and breathtaking. 

By the ponds the girls discovered this unique fern , painted Japanese fern, by the ponds.

Before going on the nature walk we watched a couple of short animated videos. One of the videos pointed out to the girls how the fronds unfurl. We were lucky enough to see that in person.

The girls are totally stoked that my neighbor invited them back next week on the last day of school to play in the creek!

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A Candle to Read By said...

So beautiful! There's nothing like a creek. Michael's family home in TN has a lively creek in the back yard. Whenever we go to visit, I always open the window to hear it "babbling" through the night. Glad you all had so much fun enjoying the Lord's beautiful Creation!