Thursday, May 21, 2015

When You Just Want to Have Fun

My neighbor's property is a treasure trove of nature study. We only utilized it a few times this year, but in August when the girls return we are using it way more. First thing on the agenda will be a pond/creek study.
Last week with our nature study we studied all the different types of ferns that he had on the property and of course when the girls saw the creek that is all they wanted to do. He offered for us to come down this week and play in the creek. Hot sun, cold water - what a mix!

Yesterday we saw so much that there would have been enough to fill at least 20 pages of nature study material. In one day we could have studied snakes, water striders, dragonflies, damselflies, salamanders, skinks, butterflies, skippers, rocks and minerals, water, moss, fish, and so much more.

I had one student that was very intent on finding gold. Next time I will need to dig out the panning supplies and let them actually pan for gold.

We found this water snake immediately upon arrival at the creek. In the beginning the girls were all freaked out by his appearance, but he literally did not move the entire 1 and 1/2 hours we were present.

The girls love it when Grace spends time with them in any type of activity.

This is the girls spotting the snake and wondering what to do. Grace of course immediately pulled out the her phone to compare images of poisonous snakes - this one wasn't.
I think the first week we are back in August we will come down and study some nature to get us back in the swing of things school wise. It will be a great opportunity to use our new nature journal from Simply Charlotte Mason.

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A Candle to Read By said...

This is a nice time of year for this kind of learning--not too hot. I love "green" places with trees, ferns and flowers. Fun is always a good part of the learning process--I think you can learn and retain more when all the cobwebs are cleared away with a little fun. Grace is a good sport and a good influence for these young ladies.