Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Elementary and High School Biology Dissection

Not very often do I have the opportunity to mix my elementary students with my one and only high school student, but occasionally the planets align and it happens. This week I have one student out sick and another with a death in the family. This left one elementary student and Grace.
Grace was in dire need of some dissection hours for her Biology class. Currently she is on the Plant Kingdom section and needed to dissect flowers and fruit. This blended perfectly with nature study for my younger student.
They sat down together and dissected and illustrated the flower and fruit dissections (nectarine, peach, and tomato). It was truly great! They enjoyed each others company and worked well together.

Grace has all of a sudden become interested in created a field guild of illustrations of various topics from nature. During her elementary years at home for nature study many times I had to coax and drag her around on nature walks to try to get this same thing accomplished. Now she is excited by nature and because of her artistic talents loves creating illustration in her field journal. When we went to Lowe's garden center a couple of days ago she took tons of pictures of flowers to draw in her journal. Yesterday it was birds (another post for another day).
My elementary student also loves drawing. We included this as her nature study for the day. On her level of understanding we mainly discussed the differences of monocot and dicot in the fruit.
Now that the weather is so much nicer - you will be seeing many more nature study type posts from both the younger and high school age students in my home.


Nicole said...

Awesome, Diane! It is such a blessing what you are providing those young girls, and Grace is such a good mentor.

LJS said...

These are beautiful journals. With Grace's talent, I would LOVE to see what she designs as a field guide journal. It will be stunning.