Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Too Many Books to Read???

Hello my name is Diane and I have a book problem. The following pictures are what I lovingly refer to as our library. At one time I had dreams of developing my own small library for other homeschooling families to come and check out materials. This would be books as well as curriculum. One day I still may make this happen, which is why I still have lots of books and continue to add to them.

This summer I plan on starting in the As and working my way through reading all the books. You see, I'm a reader, but Grace is not. I have high hopes that one day when she is not required to read she will decide that it is a worthwhile activity and do it on her own. I have many classics on the shelf that I didn't even read when I was in school. I think I am challenging myself to get it done. Currently there are four books on my nightstand that need to be accomplished first then I will start on challenge and keep you posted of course.

You will find loads of curriculum as well on my shelves. This comes from many years of used book sales and working on the TOS Review Crew. With only one child to homeschool over the past 8 years I had way more materials that could ever possibly be used. Now that has changed a bit with my tutoring students and I find myself going back to the shelves to see what I can use.

This summer may find me on Ebay selling off some of the materials that I will never use. Normally those sort of items go to the big used book sale that GHEA puts on each year, but they don't seem to be hosting it this year. Think the size of a gym and fill it with tables and tables of books. Truly a homeschool mom's dream.
The smell and touch of books seem to send me in a buying frenzy. Kindles are great but I find myself always going back to the tried and true book that I can hold in my hands and flip trough the pages. I will keep you posted on my reading challenge once it begins and update you on the new treasures I discover.


Unknown said...

I have the same problem, but mine are in boxes in the attic :(

A Candle to Read By said...

Books are like patient friends, sweetly waiting for you to spend time with them! We are book nuts--every one of us.

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

I am at home with a book too. Your shelves look wonderful! A bean bag too and then our kiddos would be set wonderfully pulling things off your shelves! ;)