Tuesday, March 31, 2015

STEM Challenge Monday - Only on Tuesday

Each week I try to do some type of STEM challenge activity with the girls. Usually Monday is the day but occasionally for one reason or another it gets pushed back to another day. This was one of those weeks. I made the girls what until after lunch for this one.

For this challenge you will need a rubber band, string, and 10 plastic cups. The object of the activity is to tie the strings onto the rubber band and work as a team to move the cups into a pyramid formation. It took the girls a few tries to figure out the logistics and the best method of moving the cups.

Once they figured out that the rubber band needed to stay on the very tip of the bottom of the cup in order to get it back off easily while stack - they were able to build a pyramid quickly.

They were able to build a pyramid twice while also learning how to work together.

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