Sunday, March 29, 2015

Some Favorite Links as of Late

I read many blogs and absorb so much information from them on a weekly basis. Quite frankly I think I spend too much time reading blogs and not enough time reading books, but I digress. Here are a few posts from around blog land that I felt were interesting or taught me something or made me think.

How to Get Your Interest-Led Learners Back on Track

I have often dreamed of running our own library for homeschoolers out of our home which is why I am constantly purchasing used books. Not sure if that will ever happen, but this link for little libraries outside your home is another thing altogether.

5 Tips for Running a Little Free Library

Current favorite sermon series from Andy Stanley

Northpiont Online Messages

Homeschooling Through High School Series

10 Things I Did Right Homeschooling High School

These are just a few things floating around the web that I thought might be interesting to others, especially those homeschooling high school age kids.

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