Friday, March 13, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - Busy, Busy, Busy

First off these guys keep us very, very busy. Like having two toddlers running around the house all the time. Cute as buttons but can make a mess in a matter of seconds. They have added so much joy to the household - but also so much work. Our days revolve around potty training and picking up after them.

My tutoring students are plugging right along. It is hard to believe the school year is starting to wind down and they will be gone in May for the summer. I have so much I want to do with them but only so much time to do it. Just like any other homeschooling family has to deal with. We have been hitting the books very hard with science, history, writing, grammar, reading, math and some extras. This new week should be in the low 70s each day so I am planning some fun nature study work and a STEM challenge. We were able to finish up three different review products that you will be seeing posts on in the next couple of days. Actually one is already up and we are continuing to use it for Science.

Saturday was a pretty day and we took advantage of it. Down the road from our home is a touristy type area that people from all over Georgia travel to see. We decided to travel 10 minutes down the road to it and join the tourists. The first round of miniature golf was played, ice cream was devoured, and we found some of the smoothest coffee I have every tasted. It will now be my go to coffee each day. YUM!

Cooperative business has kept us very busy too. This week was the first week of classes in two full weeks due to snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. That meant playing a lot of catching up. We are knee deep in practices for Peter Pan, building a new stage, and purchasing new lighting. Which brings me to what we did last night. Spirit Night at Chick-fil-a to help raise funds for the lighting. If anything it was a great night of fellowship and fun with some of the greatest people I know (my cooperative families).
Grace is also working hard had finishing up her Literature and Spanish classes for the year. Those will end on April 30th which will start giving her a lot more time to devote to her other studies. Although she is making great progress in her history and biology materials. Math as always seems to be a slow process and will need to be finished throughout the summer. We found out this week that a friend will be able to get her involved in a work study program at a local animal hospital over the summer for a couple of days a week, which she is very excited about.

Weekly Wrap-Up
Weekly Wrap-Up


Unknown said...

Love the puppies! Their perky ears are so cute!

Can't believe there's nice sunshiney weather - it's snowing here today.

Have a blessed weekend!

Unknown said...

Those fur babies are just tooooooo stinkin' cute! Couldn't even concentrate on reading the post cause I had to keep scrolling back up to check them out again!

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Aw! Such precious puppies! Pets do add a lot of work and distraction into a homeschooling day though!

Nicole said...

Things sound great in your world, Diane!!! What a blessing you are to so many people!

J Mama Bee said...

I'm just stopping by from Weekly Wrap up. Your puppies are so cute, but they have an up to something look in their eyes.