Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We Love Seeing the UPS Man

The UPS man visited us yesterday with two packages. As I mentioned in a previous post each night after dinner is family time. We have started watching Little House and The Waltons and will be adding the Brady Bunch while playing games. As a family we had not played alot of games in the past so I needed to purchase a few. From Rainbow Resource we got World Almanac for Kids, Tri-ominos, Swap card game, Dutch Blitz, and Settlers of Catan. When we go to the convention in May I will try to find a few others at the used sale. Last night we played World Almanac and had a good time.
I met an online friend through SCM forum that has a living books library in her home. If I'm not mistaken about 10,000 books. She has software to keep everything organized andabout 50 patrons that visit her library weekly. She has very much inspired me. I love books so much and with the fate of alot of libraries hanging in the balance these days I thought I might make this a ministry for our family also. A couple of weeks ago Robin posted books that she had more than one of and I grabbed some great titles. I have a year or two to go before I can actually open my library up to borrowing (still lots of collecting to do) but I also have alot to learn before doing it. We hope as a family to visit Robin's library in Tennessee sometime this year and get a good idea about how her system works and if it would work for us.


Fran said...

That's a lot of books! Out of curiosity who is the Ups man? X

Unknown said...

The UPS man is a huge delivery service for packages here in the US. Just like FEDX.