Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nature Walk and Photography

I have blogged about this before but figured it was worth another entry. Our neighbors have created a beautiful area on their property. Many Asian themed areas and so much more. Scott got a new camera for his birthday and Grace has been itching to take it down to the neighbors house and take some nature inspired photos. Of course the pics I am posting are not hers but from my blackberry. The above photo is a trail the you can walk on the back end of their property and it looks like walking through something form Lord of the Rings or fairyland.
They have three fish ponds with goldfish and huge koi. Lots of greenery.

This water feature is inside the tea house and Grace's favorite fish resides here. The big white koi. He likes you to pet him and feed him treats.
This is the outside of the tea house.
The owner also created a bonsai garden with bonsai trees he created himself. It is always so much fun going down there and visiting.

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Staci said...

It's beautiful!