Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Child Directed Learning Day 3

One thing I can say about child directed learning - not as many daily struggles between parent and child. Much more relaxed atmosphere. Going with the flow is going to be hard for my control freak self but I will get there. Today Grace picked a story for history from The American Story Book about Sojourner Truth, she wrote a paragraph about her and we printed a picture to paste in our book of centuries. Since Grace will probably be jumping all over the place for history for a while we thought it would be best to continue her book of centuries so she will have a reference point for each historical event, person, etc. She finished her puppetry project today (wrote script yesterday) and performed it for me. Once project down and 17 more to go. Her next chosen project is sign language. Today she learned half the alphabet and kept doing it over and over till it was perfect. We will probably be on sign language for another week trying to memorize the activites that are assigned. This morning we attended a jazzercise class, she read from the book of Numbers for Bible, discussed GMO foods, watched a documentary about unusual buildings in the U.S., took a quiz in Math and got a 92 ( only 6 more lessons to go for the year), and tonight we will watch another episode of Little House on the Prairie while playing a game. Grace also spent some time bonding with the baby chicks this afternoon. Of course as every day she is drawing, sketching, and learning her new manga drawing software. Tonight she will still need to do her 30 minutes of independent reading. All in all she had a pretty full day of subjects she chose. No fighting, fussing or complaining. Hope this continues.

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