Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keeping Records for Unschooling

This is our new journal for recording unschooling like activities. There are many activities, discussions, tv watching stuff going on each day that really never get recorded as school time. When you think about it most of our children are learning something from sun up to sun down. This journal is made for recording all these situations and so much more. I purchased our journal from www.notgrass.com . There are many different covers to choose from for your child's interests. Each two page spread is for one week starting with Sunday and running through Saturday. On the far left are areas to fill in with what was accomplished each day. On the right is boxes for each category to fill in those activities. This way it is very easy to see if your child's education is balanced or if some boxes are missing any entries. There are eleven catergories
  • Spiritual Life - Bible Study, Worship, and Christian Fellowship
  • Learning to Work- Chores, Service, and Life Skills
  • Relating to Others - Character and Relationships
  • Learning about God's Creation - Science and Technology
  • Learning About People and Places - Geography, Government, and Foreign Language
  • Learning About the Events and People of the Past - History and Biography
  • Learning About the Thoughts of Others - Reading and Literature
  • Being Creative - Art, Crafts, Music, Drama, and other Creative Activities
  • Learning to Communicate - Letter Writing, Grammar, handwriting, Creative Writing, and Journaling
  • Caring for My Body- Exercise, Sports, and Health
  • Learning Math, Problem Solving, and Thinking Skills
In the back of the journal are pages to fill in all the books the student has read and another list for books that were read aloud to them. There are also more pages for grades, test scores, and awards that are received throughout the year. So far I have been very pleased with this journal.


Kelly Rhoades said...

Relaxed homeschooling! :<)

Karen said...

Our record-keeping has evolved into today's very loose, but also very workable, plan: About twice a month I write down activities and books that the boys have been working on/reading, and then for things like math and writing I keep their written work in a separate folder.

I love going through it all as I'm writing my year-end report, it's so much fun to look back on what they have accomplished and enjoyed.

Thanks for sharing about your journal, it's always interesting to learn new ways of organizing :-)