Monday, April 9, 2012

Child Directed Learning

I am still hesitant to call this unschooling but it is the closest thing to it at this point. Today Grace chose everything she did except math. Math will be a constant, but she only has 10 more lessons for this year then done until Teaching Textbooks grade 8 starting back in August. Otherwise Grace picked a polar bear documentary to watch while eating breakfast this morning, a section of her history book about Vikings, a Bible reading about Moses and Aaron from Numbers (she has decided to continue on and read straight through the Bible), and wrote two paragraphs about what she learned today from the above items. She picked Puppetry Arts for her Keepers project. So far she has created her two puppet characters and will write her short script tomorrow to learn and perform later in the week for me. Other educational items to note that happened today were observing Betty the mother hen teaching her one day old chicks how to eat (just plain amazing), reading a couple of chapters from our new read aloud book and lots of drawing. Tonight we will watch an episode from the Waltons, 30 minutes of independent reading and working on the comic book. I could really get used to this ultimate relaxed way of learning.


Kelly Rhoades said...

Ha ha! We are such opposites in this! You know me: schedule, plan, schedule, plan.

Fran said...

I love those puppets! Sounds like a good education plan to me x