Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random Highlights Of The Last Few Days

Sunday was all about the kitchen. After church I spent the afternoon in the kitchen making some treats for the family to indulge over this week. I tried a vanilla wafer recipe which mainly taste like a shortbread cookie. Good all the same. The special treat though was the tree bark. Made from semi-sweet chocolate chips, butter, saltines, brown sugar, and baking soda. Very good. Later in the afternoon I baked home made pizza for dinner. The adults at sausage, pepperoni, banana peppers, and baby spinach. Yum!

Today is my 45th birthday. This past year has really been a struggle with aches and pains and other medical issues. I am hoping for a better year. Our son Travis got a new job with Toyota that he will start on Monday. He has worked for a window and door company for almost four years. The job is okay but no possibility for any more raises or moving up in the company. Travis has alot of experience with cars (body work and mechanical repairs). This is the foundation to get to dream job for him. The only down side is that the job is a 50 minute drive from home. He and three of his friends are discussing renting a relatives home to cut down on expenses and drive time. It is very said to think of my first leaving the nest.


Homemaker Ang said...

thank you for stopping by today!

I am curious about your aches and pains? I was just diagnosed with RA. curious...

Unknown said...

it all looks so good