Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ponderings Purchases for The Next School Year

Okay, I already had in mind what I wanted to do this next school year as far as curriculum purchases go. We are kind of different with some of the things we like to study. This was the original plan:
History - Living History of Our World and Student Journal from Angie Odell
Science - Nutrition 101
Math - Teaching Textbooks
English - Language Lessons for the Secondary Child Book 2 from Queen Homeschool, Essay Writing class for middle school from an outside tutor
P.E. - We will continue going to Jazzercise
Fine Arts - Drawing Classes outside of the home, drama groups
Elective - Herbal Remedies from

All of these items would need to be purchased and would be a total of 582.00 for the year. I was really pretty okay with my choices. That was until I looked at my shelves and saw what all I had that could be used without spending hardly anything. I am really trying to live a frugal lifestyle and using what we have would be the wiser choice. For History I have a book about presidents until Ronald Reagan that I would really like us to go through, a Greek Mythology book, America The Story of Us DVD and study guides, as well as lapbook about American Government and the Elections of 2012. For Science I have a nutrition book already here and I might look to my home school support group to see if anyone would let me borrow one of their apologia books from Jeannie Fulbright. This would leave me with only three items to purchase: Teaching Textbooks, Language Lessons, and Herbal Remedies which would bring the price down to - 222.00. This way we would have more money to spend around the homestead and still have plenty of educational possibilities around the house.

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Debbie said...

I wonder how much I have sitting on the bookshelves too! I am starting to think of next year also and I'm getting that "itch" to purchase some new books! I just wish the kids were as excited when they come in the mail, as mom gets:)