Thursday, February 23, 2012

Digital Photography

A few nights ago I stumbled on to Amanda Bennett's website of unit studies. We did her gardening study last year as part of our science curriculum. I had forgotten about her study of digital photography. I downloaded it and we started it today. Thought this might be something Grace could be interested in because of her background of loving art. I also bought a study on the Elections for 2012 and a study about Germany.

Today we sketched and learned about the main parts of a digital camera, the meaning of focus, frame and effect, Aristotle's contribution to photography and who was credited with the very first photograph. The fun part was starting a book about colors through photographs. Today Grace picked green and took four pics of items that are green. Once we have all the colors photographed we will put the book together.

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Leslie said...

This looks like a fun unit! HOpe you enjoy it!