Saturday, February 18, 2012

A History Change for Next Year

Last year it was a tough choice between following the history recommendation on or A Living History of Our World Series that I can purchase through . Ultimately SCM won out and I had all intentions of following through with the six year cycle until graduation. After spending the last chool year on Module 1 Creation - Ancient Egypt I feel that it wasn't very interesting for Grace. She seems to be more interested at moment in American History which would not show up in the history cycle until 11th and 12th grade. I think next year we will change to A Living History of Our World Volume 2 which starts with The Civil War and goes through the early 1900s. It will still be a Charlotte Mason approach to history with a notebooking journal. The volumes that are currently available are :
Volume 1 Ancient Americas Through the Gold Rush
Volume 2 The Civil War Through the Early 1900s
Volume 3 1900s Through Modern Day
I believe Volume 4 will come out in 2012. Hopefully a new volume will come out each year and if she really likes them we might be able to finish all but one of the planned volumes. Luckily Queen Homeschool will be at GHEA convention in May and I can see the books again before purchasing and make sure it will meet our requirements.


Unknown said...

Hmm, sounds interesting. I've never heard of that particular history. It looks very thorough.

Leslie said...

I'm not familiar with this either, but I think you are wise to follow Grace's interest! Good job! History can be such a fun topic! :-)

I'm so sorry y'all have been dealing with so many medical things!!! (((Diane))) Hoping you are all feeling better soon!

Looking forward to hearing more about how y'all are enjoying the literature unit and this history. Thanks for sharing.


PS I wish you lived close enough to do activities with us too! Maybe you could find a few friends to do something similar in your area. :-)