Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let's Talk "Economy"

Friday I went to one store to purchase groceries (meat, staples, produce, etc.) at the cost of 162.00. Yesterday I shopped at Wal-mart to get other items at a cheaper price (dog and cat food, toliet paper, birthday present, etc.) another 190.00. Everything I bought should last us 2-3 weeks with the exception of bread, milk, cheese and produce. I did make a menu out for the next 14 days to help utilize everything I have on hand. Dinner choices will be chicken and rice fajitas, enchiladas, whole chicken, roast, tacos, home made pizza, breakfast, fried noodles, meatless meal, grilled cheese and soup, spaghetti, chicken tetrazzini, black bean burgers and a couple of more I can't remember. Anyway this whole ramble is to prove just how bad the economy has become. A couple of years ago we could get by with spending 100.00 a week on groceries, etc. for a family of four, totaling 400.00 a month. Now we are lucky to get in under 650.00 a month. I will mention that we are eating better, less processed and more organic and whole foods. So I know that some of our new eating habits have increased the grocery bill. Another budgetary item that is killing us is gas. Since hubby has been moved back to a five day work week (he drives 1 hour and 15 minutes one way to work) our gas consumption has increased considerably. I am usually able to spend about 30.00 a week and not need to refill until the following week. Hubby needs to fill up nearly every day. So roughly we figure between the two of use we are spending over a 100.00 a week in gas. When you add the gas and food bill each month your are talking about 1100.00 dollars. That is very close to one entire two week check. Just one example of the inflation of food prices, Kraft Mac and Cheese was .60 a box at Wal-mart and now is .98 while Ingles (who has always been high) is 1.48. Will the craziness every end. In my humble opinion I don't think so.

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Kelly Rhoades said...

Same here, but I have only been to Walmart twice since the beginning of the new year. In doing so, I've had to buy everything at Ingles, Holland's, or Family Dollar. With that, I've spent $200 LESS each month because I'm not picking up random things I think I need at Walmart even though Ingles has higher prices and we're eating organic, and vegan. Hoping that tripling the garden space with help too.