Friday, November 18, 2011

Okay, Life Just Got Crazier

Let's start from the beginning. As many of you know, Grace likes to perform. Sing or drama it doesn't matter. If she could read music and play an instrument life would be even crazier. We have been preparing for Robin Hood since late August and will be performing this coming Monday and Tuesday. She is also part of a drama ministry team that practices once a week and we start performing at various churches once a month starting in December. Our church is small so we didn't have many volunteers to sing in the adult Christmas musical this year. Grace and another teen offered to step in and help, we perform this musical on the morning of December 18th. Grace's drama teacher knew how much she enjoyed playing the tone chimes and asked her to join a small group to perform at a nursing home toward the end of the December which will require Thursday and Friday afternoon practices for a couple of weeks in December. Well, today the choir director from our church (who is also directing the children's Christmas musical) asked if Grace could come in and do a narrator part because they just didn't have enough kids to fill all the spots. This will be performed on the evening of December 18th with practices on Sunday evenings and some Saturdays. I think we are tapped out. So glad she is young and can memorize all these lines, songs, and music.


North Laurel said...

Wow, busy busy! But it'll make for great experiences and memories :)

Kelly Rhoades said...

Zach and Julia are helping too. It's not imperative that she come to all of the rest of the practices, just one or two. Little Man needs to memorize all of his lines!