Saturday, November 26, 2011

Change in Mindset

Each Christmas my parents give each family some money as well as gifts. In years past as a family we divided the money up and went shopping. Bought items that we would never have a chance to buy otherwise. Sometimes a new wardrobe, electronics, etc. This year if we receive money I am thinking from a more frugal and preparedness mindset. My list so far includes:
Grain mill
Grow lights
Canning supplies/equipment
Oxygen absorbers
Gardening tools
Preparedness books
Wire to enlarge one of the chicken coops
Seeds and more baby chicks in the Spring


Sparklee said...

Sounds like a very practical list! Every year we try to steer our families towards a more sensible Christmas...some are open to the idea and some, not so much!

Staci said...

Very nice. When you gt your grain mill I'd love for you to share your thoughts. That's on the top of my list too.....just not sure which one I want. :)