Sunday, November 13, 2011

Drama Ministry Team Retreat

This weekend was our first and hoping to be annual Drama Ministry Team Retreat. Our time together was constructed for team building, fellowship, worship and fun. I think we accomplished them all. Friday night started with dinner, practicing skits for our upcoming performance and drama games.

We were located at a wonderful horse farm and stable that is run by one of the student's families. Saturday morning started us right off with more practicing, games and worship time. The entire weekend the stable was also conducting their own business of horseback riding and zipline tours. With it being the weekend they were crazy busy. It was alot of fun watching the general public do the zipline. The next couple of pictures are the students actually practicing skits.

One area we were practicing had a small field area full of donkeys/burros.

Saturday afternoon the kids played some team building games. We also started a campfire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner.

Saturday evenings consisted of drama training, games and worship time. It was so cold outside that we did most of this in the girls bunkhouse. Twice the kids went out to play "barn tag" because at night they let the 40 plus horses out in the fields so the barn and stalls were empty.

In all we had 10 kids most of the weekend, one student had a cross country tournament out of state and couldn't attend. I really love all of these kids. I have worked with most of them for the past three years in other musicals and performances. It was great to be able to keep most of them together to form this ministry team.

If you didn't notice already this particular bunk was the place to be most of Saturday night. More kids just kept adding to the bunch.This morning(Sunday) we brought someone in to do more training and then a local pastor came to give a short sermon to the kids and any parents that wanted to attend. Some of the kids in our group also play guitar and will be leading worship at the different church performances just like they did today. All in all we accomplished everything we set out to do and grew to know each other even better. Everyone had a great time but we are very tired.

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Fran said...

Sounds like a really good fun weekend xxx