Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Party ...... Drama Style

Most of this drama group has been together for three years. The kids in our drama groups love spending time together so any chance we get we do it. Halloween is the perfect setting for a drama group. What do actors love better than dressing up and being other people. We put a twist on our party - they had to choose a character from a book, movie, musical, cartoon, show, etc. Upon arrival we all set in a circle and played a 20 question type game to guess the character. Everyone thought that Grace was Cleopatra but she was actually Queen Tiy from the book The Golden Goblet. Many interesting characters showed up: Geronimo, Princess from Prince of Persia, Lady Swan, Ella Enchanted, Jimmie Hendrix, Mr. Hyde, David from the Bible, Queen Elizabeth, John Wayne, Juliet, Gale from The Hunger Games, and Sneezy the Dwarf.

These kids love to play games. So other than eating a little we played group type games that kept us all laughing through the night.

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Staci said...

Looks like they have a lot of fun and a whole lot of laughs!