Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - Practices and Performances

Since Saturday it has been the week of performances and practices. Saturday night was A Night With Shakespeare performances with the high school drama class. They all did such a wonderful job. The spoofs of Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Hamlet, as well as a shortened version of Twelfth Night. Grace played Olivia.

Next came Recital Night for the Cooperative on Tuesday evening. We had close to 200 people in the audience to come and see many of the students perform. This go around Grace didn't have to perform but did help with setting up the art show and helping with sound for the choirs.
My Puppetry Class performing at Recital Night. This skit was called Born in a Barn and was about the birth of Jesus.
Thursday afternoon was practice for the Elementary Drama class for their upcoming Aristocats performance in early December. I had my Yearbook Staff also meet during this time and continue working on finalizing the Yearbook. We have to finish it and order it by mid December. Grace helped with the Yearbook until we discovered that two of the older girls that were to help with curtains and backstage didn't show up for practice. Grace then went to help them.

With all of this going on we were still able to get a good amount of school work accomplished this week. Grace is finally starting to get Algebra and the more she does the better she gets. It is just the little things that keep hanging her up, like forgetting to move a negative somewhere. In history this week we continued with our Famous Men of the Middle Ages study and started learning about Rollo the Viking, Feudal Life, etc. We finished Adam of the Road and Grace filled out a book report form for it. Now we can move on to another fictional history book, probably King Arthur or Ivanhoe. We are almost finished with the third Michael Vey book and then will start on the new Percy Jackson. In Science Grace continues to read the Bird Behavior book and takes notes for the paper she will be writing soon, plus we watched a documentary about meat eating birds. Some other things Grace continues working with is King Alfred's English, Marie's Words, Bridgeway Grammar, Gods World News, CNN Student News, Language Lessons from Queen Homeschool, and working out. As always Grace draws nearly every day. Looking forward to some break time next week with the holiday.


Sandra said...

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving break. You deserve it after those performances - they take a lot of hard work to pull together.

Karen said...

Keilee is the same way with Algebra. It is always the little things that she messes up. I love the idea of Shakespeare! Keilee would LOVE to perform Shakespeare. Aristocats. ;) We loved that play SO much. So many great things going on at your house! Happy Thanksgiving Diane.