Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - The One With Wild Animals

This week has actually been kind of crazy. I will start off with our experiences with the wild animals. First, we had an extra drama practice Tuesday night after Cooperative. I left to get a bite to eat and the 30 minutes that I was gone we had TWO drama students get bitten by a baby squirrel that had somehow found his way into the backstage area. Both students are fine but it was crazy and something that will be remembered for a long time. Second, two raccoons have been visiting our chicken run for the past month or so. Routinely all the chickens are locked in their coops before the racoons come out for the night and the raccoons have seemed to be only interested in the leftover chicken feed on the ground. Well a few days ago the small raccoon decided to come out at like 4:30 in the afternoon while the chickens are still walking around in their run. This meant trap and relocate, which is just what we did on Thursday night. I have to admit though he was a real cutie and I really did not want to have to kill him

This week academically speaking we were able to get a good bit accomplished. Algebra really seems to be clicking now with Grace and it is a super relief. She gets very frustrated when she doesn't understand something and Algebra was a big frustration for her. We finished Beowulf and watched an animated version of the tale. I also showed her the epic poem in old English which is just baffling. In Science we started a new book about Bird Behavior and she is taking notes from her reading to combine into an essay once the book is finished. We are reading Adam of the Road, Michael Vey Book 3, A Year Down Yonder, the book of John, and Who is my Neighbor. 

Grace is creating many drawings and has started writing a short novel. 

Cooperative is taking up a lot of our time and will continue to over the next couple of weeks. We will have two more practices for Shakespeare and then perform it next Saturday. The Yearbook Staff has lots of work to finish the Yearbook before we can send it to print. I love my Yearbook Staff Class, most are kids I have known for years.

The weather has been beautiful and we have spent some time outdoors chasing down chickens that have escaped from the run and watching the birds outside at our feeder. Last night we attended a Zumba class and a friend of Grace's came home with us to spend the night. Zaxbys for dinner, practicing lines with said friend for upcoming performance, playing the Wii, and just great fellowship with friends. Hoping you all have a great week and see you next weekend for another Weekly Wrap Up.


Sarah Small said...

Baby squirrel bite? That is crazy!! And yes, Beowulf is perplexing! I wish the movie wasn't so graphic—I'd love to be able to show it to my freshmen English classes.

Leslie said...

Eek on the squirrel bites!

Sounds like you have had a full week. That last picture you posted is a really fun one!