Friday, November 15, 2013

Favorite Homeschooling Products So Far This Year - Math

With the calendar getting closer and closer to the end of the year I thought I would do a few posts about what resources are working best for us. Today I want to talk about math. Math has ALWAYS been the least favorite subject in this household. We have used many different math resources over the years and one resource continues to stand out from the pack. Since 2nd grade we have used Modern Curriculum Press, Horizons Math, Making Math Meaningful, Math Mammoth, Math Essentials, Straight Forward Math Series, and Teaching Textbooks. Hands down Grace has learned more and retained more whenever we used Teaching Textbooks.

The first year we used Teaching Textbooks we bought the entire package and used the book, cds, and answer key. This year for Algebra 1 I had a friend that offered for us to use her copy which contained the textbook and answer key & test bank book. At first I thought it would be difficult without the cds, but we haven't missed them a bit.
Algebra 1 Teaching Textbook
Photo Credit from Teaching Textbooks Website
What I love about Teaching Textbooks:

First the introduction to a lesson is laid out very easily and plainly to understand. I choose to read it aloud to Grace because she tends to understand instructions better if they are read aloud to her. We then work through the problems together because her understanding of Algebra is coming slowly. 

I love the fact that everything is taught slowly step by step and builds on itself in a very fluent way. Grace loves that she is not inundated with tons of problems to solve everyday. We know what to expect every time we sit down to a new lesson. There will always be two word problems and a total of 21-22 problems to solve and answer. Plus some of those problems are true or false or multiple choice from the lesson. 

Currently I feel we are fine without the cds but next year if we do Geometry I am sure the cds will need to be purchased. Believe it or not I did not need Geometry to graduate from high school back in the 80s and I am afraid I will not be much help. But Algebra is a different story. I enjoyed it in college and so far am understanding it completely. 

If you are still looking for a math program for your child, especially that type of child that math does not come easily, I would very much recommend Teaching Textbooks. 

This is not a review but simply my own personal opinions. I will never stray from Teaching Textbooks again. For the remainder of Grace's high school years it will be Teaching Textbooks all the way.

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