Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thoughts On This Fine Sunday

I am so gonna miss the fall colors once they disappear. I step out on my front porch during this time of the year and it is like walking out into a magical place. 

I am completely stressed out about the upcoming week. Two extra practices for Shakespeare (the kids are definitely not ready to perform), a Cooperative wide performance for my church on Sunday morning, then Recital night on next Tuesday. 

Six - eight months ago our Pastor left our church and his family went with him. I have known this family for almost nine years and missed them terribly. During the month of November he came back to preach for us. It was wonderful seeing them all today and listening to one of his sons lead the music. If only he would come back full time.

I have gained back 7 of the pounds I lost last year. It is time to get serious again for myself as well as Grace. Time to step up the exercise and slow down on all the fast food eating. Of course our schedules haven't really been conducive to cooking meals but I need to get back to it quick.

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Jessica said...

Why is it this time of year gets super busy just as the holidays are approaching and we want to slow down? My Grace has a bajillion piano performances which require lessons and practice time. I decided to slow down during the week, letting go of just about everything but math and give her time because our weekends are just a blur.

I hope you find some peace in your week!