Thursday, November 28, 2013

Favorite Homeschooling Resources Part 3 - What We Believe Series

For many years I struggled with what we could use for morning devotions. Yes, we do read the Bible every morning and this year Grace is reading through the New Testament on her own. This month she is almost finished wit the book of John. I have always liked to have something we could read aloud and share together to get the day rolling on a positive note. The past year and a half we have used the What We Believe Series from Apologia. We absolutely love this series. There are four books in the series and we are currently on Book 3. Almost finished to be exact. I will be so bummed when we finished the series and have to look for something else to use during devotion time.

Volume 1 is Who is God and Can I Really Know Him
Volume 2 is Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here
Volume 3 is Who is My Neighbor and Why Does He Need Me
Volume 4 is What On Earth Can I Do

Who is my Neighbor?
Photo Credit to Apologia Website

The above photo is the volume we are about to finish. Each book is set up the same with sections of The Big Idea, What You Will Do, Short Story, Think About It, Words You Need to Know, Hid It In Your Heart, Integrated Learning, What Should I do, Prayer, Encounters with Jesus, Take a Closer Look, and House of Truth. Grace's is favorite part is always the short story. This volume's short story has to do with a family living through the Civil War. In this volume they also started adding Encounters with Jesus which happens to be one of my favorite parts. In Encounters the author takes scripture from the Bible about Jesus and writes it into story format to make you feel, hear, and see everything that the person who met Jesus experienced. The lessons covered in this volume are:

Does Anyone Really Need Me
How Can I Make a Difference
Who Is My Neighbor
Why Did God Make Families
What Can I Do For My Country
Why Can't We All Just Get Along
Who Is God's Family
Why Does The Church Need Me

All of the volumes in the What We Believe Series are set up to teach children a Christian worldview. I have found this series to be invaluable and we truly love reading from it each morning. There are other resources you can purchase to enhance the experience of using this series like a notebooking journal, coloring book, and audio cd. We found, especially since Grace is older, that simply reading through the book is best for us. Many, many people in the homschooling community are using the What We Believe Series. I just wanted to highlight one of the products we use in our home for daily devotions. This is not a review just simply my opinion about an awesome product that you might be interested in checking out.

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