Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Top Five Thoughts For Today

Sorry things have been so silent around here the past few days. The past couple of weeks have been so busy that I decided to take a big break over the weekend from everything. I basically sat and watched TV all weekend. A little house work was thrown in but otherwise, nada. So here are the top five things that are occupying my mind at the moment.

  1. Registration for our fine arts cooperative was yesterday and was very hectic. I am very excited about the classes I will be teaching starting in January - High School Drama, Improv and Theatre Games, Knights and Maidens, and Youth Service Group. Because my thoughts are on next semester I am sorta ready for this semester to be done. Only two more class periods to teach for me then we break for all the holidays. Believe it or not this next semester will be the first that Grace is not performing in a drama production. She wanted to take the Stage Makeup class instead.
  2. This weekend I watched an entire season of Revenge to try and catch up with the current season that is airing. I am officially addicted to this show. I am also watching Once Upon A Time and thrilled that Hook and Emma might have a chance. I am an official TV Geek and always have been.
  3. Tonight is an extra practice for Night of Shakespeare and I need to pick up all the food to feed the kids tonight. I am about to head out to get everything that will be needed.
  4. In the back of my head I am trying to figure out how in the world we are going to pay for Christmas. Just like everyone else out there, money is very tight. This year it is also tight for all of my extended family. I am fairly sure that we will drawing names and actually sticking to it.
  5. We have a raccoon visiting our backyard every night. Normally that wouldn't be such a big deal and we would be relishing in our opportunity to see wildlife, but we have chickens and I am sure he would love to have one for dinner. We are constantly watching for when it starts to get dark and locking the chickens up before the coon comes out. So far I think he has only been interested in the grain left on the ground but sooner or later he will figure out chicken tastes better. I am thinking we are going to set a trap for the coon and move him to farther away lands.


Nicole T said...

Things are so hectic for you right now, Diane! I bet you are looking forward to a quiet Christmas break! Praying for your provisions for Christmas. I get it. Believe me, I do! And then on top of it I felt God call our family to provide Christmas gifts for three girls of another family. Not quite sure how it is all going to work out, but have to believe that it will.

Kelly Rhoades said...

Lots of homemade gifts coming out of this house this year!