Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tidbits From the Past Few Days

Sorry to be so silent over the past couple of days. Lots of Internet troubles. What I originally thought was a fried modem and router has actually turned out to be Windstream's issues. No Internet at all for two days then all of a sudden it is back this afternoon. This is after I had already bought a new modem and router which will now have to be returned. A few hours trying to get the new modem and router to work to no avail. Then contacting our Internet provider to discover it was a problem on their end all along and would need a service person to come out and check it. Of course this is to happen tomorrow morning. I will keep the appointment because deep down I have a feeling the service will lapse again before then. While it is up I am taking advantage of it and accomplishing some tasks.

Yesterday we took a family day and went out together to Gainesville. We ate lunch at IHOP and did a little Christmas shopping. Mine and my sister's family cooked dinner last night at my parent's house. The main purpose was to get together to draw names. This is the first year we have every done it due to the economy. I am totally okay with it and have been trying to convince the family to do this for the past couple of years. The kids put my parent's tree together for them after dinner.

Last week I received my email to ask me to come back and serve another year on the TOS Review Crew. Looking forward to getting some new products in January to review. So thrilled to be asked back. Great group of homeschooling families to work with. 

I don't think I ever mentioned that a couple of months ago I started writing study guides for Knowledge Box Central. I have one more guide to write to finish the inventor's series I have been working on. I think next up will be historical figures. Go check out the website for all kinds of resources at very economical prices.

Believe it or not today I am finally watching The Hobbit. Scott and Grace are huge Lord of the Rings fans but I have never really gotten into the books or movies. Because the internet was out and I needed something to watch I picked up our copy and started it this morning. I guess it is kind of convenient to watch it now with the new one coming out in a few weeks. 

We went to the library today to check out some reading material and dvds to watch in case the internet goes out again. I decided on a whim to just take the whole Thanksgiving week off for a holiday and catch our breath before the craziness of the next two weeks. The first two weeks of December will prove to be very busy. Three practices for the elementary drama class and two performances of the Aristocats, three different Christmas parties (cast party, a teen party I am hosting, and Acts of Faith getting together to hang out). 

This week I need to sit down and start writing some of my lesson plans for the new semester at the Cooperative. I will be teaching 4 classes (Improv and Theatre Games, Build a Better Zoo science class, Knights and Maidens middle ages class, and a Youth Service Group) as well as helping with the High School Drama class. I started receiving all the materials I ordered in the mail over the past couple of days. Nothing more fun that getting packages in the mail with curriculum. 

The past 4-5 years I have always gone Black Friday shopping with my mom, sister, or a friend. This year I just want to stay home and sleep in. Being out in all that craziness just isn't very appealing this year. Not to mention I don't really have all that many presents to buy this year or money to spend. Everything that will be purchased for Christmas this year has been well thought out and budgeted.

I am so hooked (pun intended) on this season of Once Upon a Time. I have loved the story line taking place in Neverland with Peter Pan. So bummed that after this Sunday we won't get another new episode until March. 

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