Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Very Quiet Thanksgiving Week

This week has been a pretty quiet one for us. No school, no shopping, and a small Thanksgiving dinner gathering on Thursday. I vegged and watched A LOT of TV. It was great. Even with all the slowed down pace we did manage to get a few things done and have some fun.

Scott spent Tuesday - Friday morning painting the back drop for our upcoming performance of the Aristocats. 

I spent a lot of time on the bed with puppy reading and watching television. She is a great cuddle bug.

We lightly decorated the house for Christmas. Last Christmas we decided (because of two cats and a ferret that would not stay out of the tree) to have a very not traditional Christmas tree. Scott built us a rustic tree that hangs on the wall to decorate. So far it has worked out very well. Occasionally we miss the old, big tree (but not often).  Grace did buy a very small white tree for her room and decorated it in blue and silver.

Today we visited our local art shop and attended an ornament making class. It was a design as you want kind of class with our beloved Ms. Christy. Grace just started watching Dr. Who and created her very own Dr. Who design. Grace's friends have been after her for two years to watch the show and finally she succumbed a bout two weeks ago and is hooked just like everyone else on the planet. 

Now the fun and craziness really begins. Drama practices, performances, four different parties to attend, two doctor appointments for my mom, multiple Zumba classes, and that is just in the first two weeks of December. Don't get me wrong - I thrive on being busy and having things to do. It is only a couple of times a year where I crawl into my house and don't do anything for an entire week. I just finished that week and am ready to move on for the the month of December. 

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Sandra said...

The backdrop looks wonderful. I'm looking forward to soem down time of my own. Sadly I'll have to wait until after Christmas when half my family will be away. It'll be so quiet I'll probably have more downtime than I know what to do with.