Thursday, July 11, 2013

Living with Artists

I live in a house full of artists. Unfortunately I can't really put myself in the same category as hubby and Grace. Grace draws constantly - hours upon hours. Do you have someone in your family like that. They have a passion that just exudes from every pore of their body. Well that would be my husband and my daughter. I wish I had something that I was that passionate about. I have hobbies, things that I like spending my time doing, but it is no way the same as a true passion. Grace loves creating characters - especially bending the line between animals and humans. Also fan art is a biggy for her.

Today we sat at the table for almost three hours while she created and completed the above drawing. She has aspirations of continuing this theme into two more. They are characters from an online anime game.
Moving on to Scott, my husband . He is a man of many talents but his preference is using found objects, wood, etc. and turning them into art. Sculpture and pen and ink are his favorites to work with. Painting is not a favorite, but every once in awhile I can talk him into creating something for the house. This chicken painting was a Christmas gift from him to me a few years ago. The inspiration actually came from a painting I saw, fell in love with and asked him to reproduce it for me.
Scott currently has his art in four different art galleries. The above photo represents some a sculpture and pieces he is toying with to create a new piece.

Scott is known for his rocks. He collects river rocks and uses pen and ink to create wonderful little pieces of art. Somethings he creates jewelry this way and sometimes just something decorative to sit on a desk ,etc. To create these rocks it takes a steady hand and be able to draw very intricate designs. This of course as led into his new passion which is apprenticing to becoming a tattoo artist. Many people over the years have told him because of his intricate work he could easily work at becoming a tattoo artist. He will tell you there is nothing easy about it. Lots of time, practice, etc. goes into the apprenticing. 

This was another Christmas present from Scott to me this past year. It is hard to see the intricate designs in a photo. It is all 3-D. I love Owls and he used that theme to create a small piece that currently hangs in my dining room.

This is my contribution to the art in the house. I art journal. Today for the girls art journaling group we were to create or journal about fantasy worlds. I decided to do a page about Wonderland. Grace woke up sick so the group was canceled for today. Maybe next week.

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Homeschool Mom said...

Lots of talent! My goodness! Your passion is your family! You have created an environment which not only nurtures but fosters this creativity. Glad Grace is better. We are going to TN to pick up Virginia--have missed her so much.

Kym Thorpe said...

Beautiful works of art! And each quite different. I especially love the rock with pen and ink. Would you consider linking up with the Virtual Refrigerator? It's on my blog this week as we're trying to get it going again and need to drum up some interest.

Kym Thorpe said...

thanks for linking up!