Saturday, July 20, 2013

Five Random Facts About Me

I see people all over bloggy land sharing random facts about themselves, so I thought I would jump into the mix.

  1. One of my big dreams is to one day travel to San Diego and go to the big Comic Con Festival. I am a huge TV freak and mainly just want to go to see my favorite show panels. 
  2. I am a list maker and organizer. Love making lists in the morning and see how much I can cross off by the end of the day. Of course this type of personality always gets me voted in to positions and put in charge of things. Hubby says I get frustrated with my spiritual gift because of always getting put in charge of organizing events, etc.
  3. I'm not that big in to cleaning house. Don't get me wrong, my house isn't crazy dirty or has stuff piled in all corners. I keep everything picked up and uncluttered but the deep cleaning tasks tend to wait until company is coming over.
  4. We would love to start our own business and get out from under the finger of corporate America. Longing for a lifestyle where we are finally in charge of our own destiny. Pesky thing called DEBT keeps getting in the way, and of course the horrible economy.
  5. I love, love, love Zumba which in turn has fostered a love for Latin music. Many days you can find me downstairs working on computer stuff and listening to the Zumba Fitness channel on Pandora.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


Nicole said...

Fun things to know, Diane!

Karen said...

Love reading this Diane! I have always wanted to go to Comic Con too. I am a geek girl at heart! I love list too but usually just get frustrated by what I DON'T get done! Never done Zumba but I have friends who love it!

Tricia said...

Very fun. I'm with you on the housework! And rumba too but lately, like the last couple of months I've only done rumba like twice and yoga everyday. I'm hooked! I've been practicing yoga for a year and a half but for some reason I am really enjoying it more and more.

I'm not good on making list very well. Unless it's for shopping. lol. For work, not so much!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

What fun to read this. I, too, am a list maker and very organized. Also, not so fond of housecleaning. My house is clean, but it's my least favorite thing to do. :) I hope you are able to start your own business - that's our dream as well!!

Kelly Rhoades said...

Your house is always very clean when I am there!