Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bird Study Already Begins

Most nights when I walk I get to see something beautiful. About halfway through the walk is a flock of small yellow and black birds. It was such a beautiful and magical thing to see each time I walked. I always look forward to seeing them. My first thought was that they were golden finches, but seeing them in flight made them appear to be black from head to tail feather and bright yellow all on the underside. No matter how many times I looked through our multitude of field guides, I came up empty handed. 

It seemed that every walk I went on solo produced a sighting of the flock. Each time hubby went with me they were not to be spotted. Even when I had Grace in the car with me right before the sun started to set we would see one or two. Well, two nights ago hubby finally got to see the flock of bright yellow birds. After standing and observing and then stopping the car again yesterday with Grace to take a peek we have discovered that low and behold it is only the head and wings that are black. This means they are definitely American Goldfinches. 

Now I look so forward to those walks just to be able to spot the beauty of these birds. Grace has now gotten in on the act too and loves to observe them, which is perfect because this is what her bird study this year is all about. The enjoyment of what God created.

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What birds are you observing in your life these days? Get out and go on a bird walk to see the variety of birds in your neighborhood, then keep a journal or what you saw and where. This is part of what we are doing this year for Grace's 9th grade science.


Sandra said...

We are keen - albeit fairly new birdwatchers down here. We love both the thrill of finding and successfully identifying a new (to us) species, plus getting the chance to regularly observe more familiar species for long periods of time. We've learnt so much that way

Brittney said...

We are studying birds for first grade here. Before we moved we had a huge variety of birds hanging around--woodpeckers were his favorite. We've yet to hang our bird feeders back up in this yard, so we mostly just watch the red-winged blackbirds and the kids like the feisty mockingbird in the backyard.