Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - A Mixture of Items to Report

Currently we are only "doing" some school work twice a week. Usually on Fridays and Saturdays because that is when hubby is away at work. We treat Monday - Thursday as our weekend time since he is home. My following thoughts on this week are in no particular order:

Thursday I had 9 girls over to for our art journaling group. The theme for the day was patriotic in honor of July 4th coming up next week. Lots of laughter and creating. I love spending time with all of these girls.

This week I started planning most of Grace's upcoming 9th grade year. I wish I could say that she was a self learner and enjoyed looking up and researching things on her own, alas, that just isn't her. She wants to be more rigorous in her studies but doesn't want to put the time in to make that happen. This means I have to plan everything and hand it to her to do. Even then it doesn't always turn out well, but that is for a whole other post. You can see Part 1 and Part 2 of the planning stages so far. I still have multiple subjects to wade through, there will be a part 3, 4 and maybe even more.
This was the third week in a row that we went hiking. On Wednesday we went no further than our own town and took to the Greenways to walk a mile or two. In the process we got to get real close to ground hog/wood chuck.
We also basically finished with the review for Moving Beyond the Page. I really love this product. Since me and Grace took it real slow with this product we still have some loose ends to tie up. Even though the review is finished and we could technically stop using the product, we won't. I really love the product and Grace is okay with it. We are learning a lot about Ancient Asia and the other study is about Greek Mythology. For the Greek Mythology study it uses D'Aularies book of Greek Myths. After reading some of the stories today I told Grace that it seems like Rick Riordan (author of Percy Jackson series) must keep the same book on his desk. Just about every story we have come across has been included in the Percy Jackson books. It just makes Grace enjoy the stories that much more. We are uber excited about Sea of Monsters coming out in August. Can't wait to see that one at the movies. 

Believe it or not it is almost July and we have not gone swimming. Hubby and Grace tried the river a couple of weeks ago but it was like ice. They are trying again this week with the Kayaks for the river or lake. I know Grace is just itching to go swimming somewhere.

Grace's favorite thing from this week was probably seeing the groundhog. We are not using many educational items right now so no favorites there. Hoping everyone is having a fun and relaxing summer.

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Leslie said...

Love the patriotic page! So neat!

Your high school plan looks good too. We liked King Alfred's English here. Enjoy!


Jessica said...

I am taking the week off from planning. I am trying to plan 8th grade as if it were 9th to give me practice. Your posts are helping me do this! Right now my biggest issue is the schedule - giving 2 girls what they want, plus what they need when they each have very different styles and interests......