Wednesday, June 26, 2013

O is for Oodles of Nature and Wildlife

This is our third hike of the summer. Unfortunately this week we couldn't travel far to hike because we were running out of week until Scott had to return to work tomorrow. Right in the middle of our small town is a walking trail called the Greenways. This goes right by a community garden, the library, and small businesses as well as homes in town. 

This area reminds us of the coastal waterways you will see in Georgia and Florida. A few months back we saw many tadpoles and today was dragonflies.
Lots of wild blackberries ripening on the vine.

By far the find of the day was the woodchuck that let us come right up to him to take pictures.  Each hike has showed us something amazing that God created on this Earth. Snails, snakes, lizards, birds, flowers, squirrels, and even a woodchuck. This weekly endeavor has become so special we might need to push it up to two times a week.

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