Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some Weekly Chores To Make Life More Simple and Healthy

That is a long title. Sometimes I think that the words simple and healthy don't belong in the same sentence. Everything simple, healthy, and home made takes more time. Since beginning the journey of a gluten free diet for the family I am needing to pre-plan our meals more and cook from scratch a lot more. Now it is necessary to bake muffins to have for breakfast throughout the week as well as something sweet like brownies, cookies or blondies. Other things that need to be cooked from scratch like pancakes, biscuits, bread, etc. are done throughout the week when needed for a particular meal.
Another item me and Grace have added to our weekly chores is implementing one of the recipes from Herb Fairies. This month we are learning about the herb lemon balm. Luckily we had some dried and saved from last years garden. The dried lemon balm was steeped for 20 minutes and honey as added for a little sweeter taste. I originally wanted to use the mixture to make home made popsicles but two days earlier I had already filled the popsicle molds with yogurt and fruit flavored pops. So next thought was to put in ice cube trays. This way they could be added to water or tea. We are learning that lemon balm is great for sore throats, cold sores, and many more ailments.

Last but certainly not least is the home made dog food. This has been a real hit with the dogs and they clean their plates every time.

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Jessica said...

We are gluten free. I struggle with the time it takes to eat whole food that is prepared gluten free. It forces you to slow down when my tendency is to go go go. I have found it helpful to cook on weekends and make things like roast chicken, huge batches of granola and other things that can be used throughout the week. I am starting to freeze muffins and breads which can be easily defrosted when needed. If you have any tips, please share!