Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Northeast Georgia Mountain Hiking - Blogging Through the Alphabet

Hiking in Northeast Georgia is a big deal. There are hundreds of hiking trails including the biggy, The Appalachian Trail. So far for the summer we have decided to go hiking one day a week. The hikes we have chosen to date are very easy,negotiable hikes. Today we drove about 40 minutes from the house to visit Brasstown Bald this is the highest elevation in the state of Georgia. The temperatures are wonderful for some outdoor fun.
This is the beginning of the trail up the mountain. Yes, it is paved, but virtually straight up. 
A view from the upper deck. On clear days you can see Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina.
Hubby has a thing for trees and thought this was a great one. So of course it ended up in the photos.
We have had rain over the past couple of days which meant snails were out everywhere. Walking along the path made you feel like you were in the rainforest. 
Coming back down the trail is like a car coming down a hill with brakes on at all times. We saw what we think is a Fire Newt on the way back down. All and all a great way to start the morning. Out the door at 9:40 and back to eat lunch at home at 12:30. Can't wait for our adventure next week. 

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