Saturday, June 8, 2013

Annual Relay for Life Event - Our Cancer Story

Last night was our town's Relay for Life event. I was on Zumba team. Each Relay for Life group had a booth to help raise more money for cancer. Since January most of these groups were having events to raise money and then last night was just the cherry on top. Zumba had a couple of Party in Purple events along with what we did last night. Zumba provided entertainment at two different time frames last night. We were all tired after bout 1 1/2 hours of Zumba.
Our booth had a cake walk with some pretty awesome cakes. Also raffles took place for a three piece Bistro Set. 
The above photo is the beginning of the Survivor's and Caregiver's Walk. Very touching moment.

We were even blessed with a rainbow at the beginning of the event. On to our story. First my mom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer almost 13 years ago. She has undergone many surgeries, treatments, and doctor's appointments. Mom has gone through some real lows at times, especially during the times of treatment and feeling bad. Currently her cancer is still there just in a stable condition. This means no treatment just run scans and blood work every three months to look for changes. When changes occur that is when treatment is needed. My  mom's type of cancer is like a disease or medical condition that needs maintenance treatment. Just like someone with diabetes, heart problems, etc. For the most part she doesn't have to fear death like many other people with cancer, but it is still a toll on her body, mind, and spirit. I am thrilled to report that this week we went to Emory to find out the results of her last scan and she is still stable. This is the 5th scan in a row of being stable so now we can move to every 6 months scans. This is truly a load off my mother's mind because my dad also has health issues. Mom is convinced the reason she has been doing so well is because God is answering her prayers to be here to help my dad. 

We also had cancer touch our family four years ago when my aunt (mom's sister) was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just like many other families in this situation we prayed for God to save her so she could still be with us. My aunt was the ROCK of her immediate family and for the rest of us too. Very spiritual woman who was more than okay to leave this world and move on to the next with Jesus. We miss her terribly and think about her all the time. 

Cancer touches everyone's lives. Please get involved. If not with Relay for Life some other type of organization. 

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Karen said...

You are right, cancer does touch everyone. We always try to participate in Relay for Life also. Beautiful post Diane