Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Making Exercise Fun and Incorporating It Into Your Daily Routine

In my opinion, exercise needs to be fun to make it stick. In other words unless you are doing something you enjoy for exercise you will not make it a habit or continue doing it. I have tried many types of exercise through my adult life. Walking, running, Jazzercise, weights, step aerobics, swimming, etc. It has taken me many years to come to a point where what I do for exercise I can proclaim to be very enjoyable. First on my list is hiking. We live in the Northeast Georgia Mountains where there is a plethora of areas to hike. The scenery is beautiful. The waterfalls are incredible. Hiking is one way I can actually get Grace out of the house and do some exercise in the process. Exploring God's creation in all seasons of the year through hiking is such a privilege. As a family we have agreed upon waking early one morning a week this summer and picking a new place to hike. Yesterday we traveled 25 minutes from home to climb the 1000 plus stairs at Tallulah Gorge. It was beautiful and a great way to spend the morning together as a family.

If you haven't noticed before, since last October I have become a Zumba enthusiast. A community of women that get together 1-3 times a week to dance to Latin and Hip Hop music. It is very freeing and the calories that come off during one session is amazing. It is the way I was able to get rid of 20lbs along with Weight Watchers. Once I lost the 20 pounds continuing to do Zumba has allowed me to eat within reason what I want and not have to count a lot of calories. Zumba is not for everyone. Lots of booty shaking. What I am getting at is exercise has changed my life so much for the better. I do something 6 days a week. Sometimes walking, sometimes Zumba, and sometimes something active with the family. It keeps me sane. I sleep better too. Now if I go a couple of days without exercising I don't feel right. The experts say it takes a few weeks to establish a habit. Please go out and establish the habit of exercise. It will benefit your body, mind, and spirit beyond words.

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Jessica said...

I am having a hard time getting into an exercise routine. I love yoga but I need a class to help me push myself. I think I found one in the next town that I am hoping to begin next week.

What a glorious place to nourish your body, mind and soul. It must be a huge incentive to get up and get out when you know that beauty is waiting for you!